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Profile / bio-graphy of Shania Twain
Shania Twain - shania_twain_001.jpg
Shania Twain
Occupation : Singer, Actress

Birth Date : 28 August 1965

Birth Place : Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Height : 5'4"

Hair Color : brown

Eyes Color : green eyes

Fan Mail : Shania Twain
c/o Mercury Records
66 Music Square West
TN 37203 USA

Shania Twain was born in Windsor Ontario Canada on the 28th August 1965. Then she was known as Eilleen Regina Edwards.Just a few years later her parents Clarence and Sharon were divorced. Sharon took the children up to north to Timmins Ontario where she would marry an Ojibwa (Native Canadian) by the name of Jerry Twain, he adopted Eilleen and her two sisters, Jill (the eldest child) and Carrie ann (the youngest).

At the age of eight she started performing. In senior homes, community centers, radio and TV stations, everywhere her parents could get her on.

Because she wasn't allowed in places where liquor was served, she was dragged out of bed at 1:00 am to go sing a few songs with the band in a local bar (that was the time they stopped serving liquor).

By the age of 11 she was considered a professional singer.

One would wonder why her parents, as Shania puts it, "were so obsessed" with creating a musical career for their child.

"My mother lived for my career. We were extremely poor when I was a kid, and my mother was often depressed with five children and no food to feed them. She knew I was talented and she lived with the hope that my abilities were my chance to do something special."

At the age of 17 Shania moved to Toronto, trying to build a musical career.

She spent most of her time performing with bands in local clubs, and working as a secretary to support herself.

From the age of 17 until she was 21, she spent most of her summers working with her father as a foreman for a 13-man reforestation crew in the forests of Ontario handling an axe and chainsaw far better than most of the men she worked with.

It was on November of 1987, that her life changed forever.

Her parents were on their way home when a truck hit their car. Sharon and Jerry Twain were both killed in the accident.

Shania left Toronto and moved back to Timmins. Her older sister was already married with a child of her own and couldn't assume responsibility for her brothers and sisters.

At the age of 22 Shania became a sister/mother for her younger siblings.

"I had responsibilities, so I couldn't just go around getting gigs here and there, or writing only when I felt like it. I took a job singing at a resort, I bought a house, a family truck and settled down -- I thought, forever."

The job which allowed her to support her family was a Vegas style show at a resort.

Shania performed 11 times a week and sang everything!

Three years later, one by one, her siblings got on their feet and went their own ways leaving her to form her own life.

"When they left, I felt like a 45 year old woman whose kids had gone away to college. I was like 'WOW!' I have my whole life to live now. I had all this time on my hands. I didn't have to cook and clean for anybody. Didn't have to pay any bills but mine. Didn't have to go to school meetings. Didn't have to pick them up after work and take them to teen dances. Drive them here. Drive them there. It was like 'I'm FREE!' I said 'now what am I gonna do with my life?' I decided I wanted to go for it!"

Mary Bailey, a country singer and a good friend of her mothers' decided to help.

She asked Richard Frank, an attorney with ties in the music industry to come up and hear Shania perform.

Richard didn't expect much when he got to the resort, but as soon as Shania stepped on stage - he knew the trip wasn't in vain.

He arranged for Shania to move to Nashville, and a few months later she had a record deal.

Label execs thought that her name didn't sound good enough. They liked the name Eilleen but didn't think that it "flawed" well with Twain, so they asked her to change her last name.

Out of respect for her father and his memory, she didn't want to change her last name. She suggested that she changed her first name to "Shania", an Indian word meaning "On my way".

And so Eilleen Twain became Shania Twain.

But changing her name was only the beginning.

She's been writing songs on her own since she was 10 years old, and as a recording artist, she wanted to sing her own music. The record company had other plans. They wanted hits.

They told Shania that if any of her songs was good as the ones they've chosen for her, they'd consider putting it in the album.

Her self titled debut album was released in 1993 and had only one song that she wrote: "God ain't gonna getcha for that".

The record wasn't a big success, but one of the video changed her life again.

Robert John "Mutt" Lange, a famous musical producer who worked with Bryan Adams, Def Leppard, Foreigner, AC/DC and many more, saw the clip, and liked what he saw and heard.

He called Shania, introduced himself and asked if she writes her own music. Shania said yes and played him the song "Home ain't where his heart is anymore".

Mutt loved it. He asked for her autograph, and the two decided to stay in touch.

They talked over the phone many times and became very good friends.

They first met in Nashville, and have been together ever since.

Mutt invited Shania to come to Europe with him (he was working with Bryan Adams on a new record at the time).

They travelled through Europe writing songs together, and before they knew it - they fell in love.

When they got to Paris Mutt proposed.

In December 1993, six months after they met, they got married.

The wedding took place at the Deerhurst resort, where she worked to support her family.

In the beginning of 1994 the couple went back to the studio to record Shania's second album, and this time every song would be her own.

"We ended up writing half the album, mind you, before we even became romantically involved. Creatively, romantically, it's wonderful, wonderful marriage.My husband Mutt is the producer of my dreams and the love of my life. They are two separate entities, but at the same time what more could any girl ask for?"

The album "The Woman In Me" was released in 1995, and changed country music forever!

During 1995-1996 the album sold millions of copies and Shania started winning awards all over the world.

In 1996 she won her first Grammy as best country singer.

So far, the has sold more that 12 million copies.

Even though the album was a huge success, Shania didn't go out on tour.

Critics started "hinting" that Shania was a "puppet" and that the whole album was simply Mutt's studio magic.

In 1997 she released her third CD "Come On Over".

Again Mutt and Shania wrote all the songs and Mutt produced it.

Shania won numerous awards from the music industry in general and country music industry in particular.

The album is a winning combination of country, pop and rock music.

The first single from the album "You're still the one" broke all the boundaries when it topped both the country and pop charts.

Even VH1 and MTV started playing Shania's videos.

The Album became a world-wide phenomenon.

It has sold over 32 million copies (18 million in the US alone),

Making Shania the best selling female artist of all times!

She's also the only female singer in history to sell more that 10 million copies of back-to-back albums.

In 1998 she launched her world tour, and this time the critics were silenced.

Shania proved that not only isn't she a "puppet" who can't sing, she's the exact opposite!

She's a first class performer and entertainer!

It was a two hour show which was fun, energetic and entertaining.

Backed up by a talented group of musician Shania toured the world and received many complements and awards.

Early this year Shania took a break from performing and went back home for a well deserved vacation.

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